A 100 Year Before and After of the Alexandria Virginia Waterfront

Not too long ago, the entire Alexandria, Virginia waterfront was devoted to industrial uses, not condos,...

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The Alexandria Hook & Ladder of 1909 Looks Very Different Than Today

The Alexandria Fire Department traces its roots back to 1774 when George Washington helped found the fire department...

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President John Adams Visits Alexandria and Offers A Surprising Toast

It was June 1800, and the country was still very much in mourning after George Washington's death six months before....

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Private John M. Lovejoy Writes to His Cousin… AND Future Wife in 1864

As the Civil War churned on, in 1864, Private John M. Lovejoy stopped briefly in Alexandria to write a letter to his...

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A Stark Reminder of Alexandria's Role in Juneteenth

Happy Juneteenth, everyone! Today marks the first celebration of Juneteenth as a national holiday, and it's about...

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MAYBE NOT! SEE UPDATES: Maybe, This is King & Saint Asaph (Chipotle).



After the horse...

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1789 Letter to George Washington From Alexandria Mayor and His Reply

The year was 1789, and it was an eventful year. The first presidential election had just been held, and after a...

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ANSWERED: Where This Dead Horse is Lying in Alexandria, VA?

The caption written on the photo reads, "the only fatality." I believe that it is intended to be sarcastic to point...

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Can Anyone Help Me Find Out What Happened to These English Immigrants?

I'm not a genealogist. I can use Google better than most, but that's really about it. So when it comes to tracking...

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