The Top 15 OurHistoryMuseum Articles of 2021 and ... The Magic Square

Ken Lopez
Posted by Ken Lopez on Nov 22, 2021 4:18:54 PM

There have been more than 60,000 visits to the OurHistoryMuseum blog since we launched nearly a year ago. Collectively, we have earned tens of thousands of Facebook and Instagram clicks and likes. More than 800 people have liked our Facebook page, and more than 600 people have subscribed to our blog.

During our first year, I have published more than 70 articles! That feels like a lot. So much so that people find it challenging to keep them all straight and not miss one.

Articles like this help our readers find the most loved articles on our site — according to our other readers. Of course, the best way to not miss an article is to claim your free subscription to this blog by clicking

We are finalizing the design of the new OurHistoryMuseum app & website. I will soon be asking for your opinion of both. I am very excited.

So why the box of numbers, you ask? No, it's not sudoku. It is something with a remarkably long history. It's called the magic square, and you can read about it here. It dates back to at least 190 BC. It was also a nice intersection of history and the number 15.

With that, here are the top 15 articles in the history of OurHistoryMuseum, according to you, our readers. The top post has had nearly 10,000 readers.Free Blog Subscription Here

15. StreetviewPhoto

ANSWERED: Where This Dead Horse is Lying in Alexandria, VA?

14. The-historic-Potomac-River-route-majestic-steamship-line

1920s Steamship History Booklet Offers Spellbinding Look Into the Past

13. HamptonPC-hires-frtzoom

Background of Parade Photo is More Interesting Than The Parade Itself

12. ChristChurchStereoscopeDTL

Alexandria's Christ Church (1773) — A Collection Within a Collection

11. MarshallHouse-frt-hires

160 Years Ago the 9/11 of the Civil War Occurred in Alex., VA - Pt. 1

10. LoveLetter-p1-cropped-tight

1865 Love Letter from Susie Caldwell to Future Husband Arlon Atherton

9. waterfront dining in Alexandria


Waterfront Dining in Alexandria Virginia


8. mtvernonharpers


Putting a Date on a Handful of Mount Vernon Artifacts

7. PostcardFront-zoom

The Lee School for (White) Girls and Segregation in Alexandria, VA

6. CIMG1896

A Stark Reminder of Alexandria's Role in Juneteenth

5. IMG_6437

Help Decipher a 1790 Letter Between Philadelphia & Alex., VA Merchants

4. MVLAenvelope-straight

Dating a Mount Vernon Postcard Booklet is a Delightful Mystery Journey

3. SamCarterHospital-p2-zoom

Offensive? Is it Fair to Judge an 1862 Letter by Today's Standards?

2. Main image harpers weekly

The Alexandria Slave Pen: From Misery to Museum

1. ConstantAustinDischarge-frt


Did a New York Bartender Survive The Civil War and Then Desert?


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