Offensive? Is it Fair to Judge an 1862 Letter by Today's Standards?

A Northern Army soldier, Samuel Carter, was recovering from illness and injury in an Alexandria, Virginia Civil War...

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Did a New York Bartender Survive The Civil War and Then Desert?

Constant Austin was a slight man. I imagine that his unique name once made him popular as a bartender in New York City....

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Did George Washington Chop Down a Cherry Tree and Confess?

You've heard the story before, right? Allegedly, George Washington received a hatchet as a birthday gift, and he...

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President John Adams Visits Alexandria and Offers A Surprising Toast

It was June 1800, and the country was still very much in mourning after George Washington's death six months before....

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Private John M. Lovejoy Writes to His Cousin… AND Future Wife in 1864

As the Civil War churned on, in 1864, Private John M. Lovejoy stopped briefly in Alexandria to write a letter to his...

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1789 Letter to George Washington From Alexandria Mayor and His Reply

The year was 1789, and it was an eventful year. The first presidential election had just been held, and after a short...

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